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meaning of word kant3alem

Meaning of word : kant3alem

Definition :

kant3alem : a word in Darija meaning “I am learning” .

this expression is commonly used to convey an ongoing process of acquiring new knowledge or skills. It indicates an individual’s active engagement in the learning experience.

Darija Arabic letters :  كنتعلم .

Examples :

example 1 :

Moroccan Arabic : كنتعلم اللغة الفرنسية حاليا .

transliteration : Kant3alem lugha lfaransiya haliyan .

English : I am learning French currently .

example 2 :

Moroccan Arabic : كنتعلم في الجامعة .

transliteration : Kant3alem fi ljami3a .

English : I am learning at the university .

example 3 :

Moroccan Arabic : كنتعلم كفاش نرسم في وقت الفراغ .

transliteration : Kant3alem kifach nrsem f wa9t lfaragh.

English : I am learning how to draw in my free time..

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