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meaning of word galet in moroccan darija

Meaning of word : galet

Definition :

galet : a verb conjugated in past tense from root “gal” in Darija meaning “she said/she told” .

In Moroccan Darija, the verb “galet” is often used as a colloquial way of saying .

Darija Arabic letters :  قالت.

Examples :

example 1 :

Moroccan Arabic : قالت بلي غتسافر غدا .

transliteration : galet liya beli ghatsafer gheda .

English : she told me that she will travel tomorrow .

example 2 :

Moroccan Arabic : قالت ليا واحد سر .

transliteration : galet liya wahed ser .

English : she told me a secret .

example 3 :

Moroccan Arabic : واش عقلتي ملي قالت ليا , مكنحملكش .

transliteration : wach 39elti meli galet liya , makan7emlekch.

English : Do you remember when she said to me, I hate you ?.

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