privacy policy

Dear reader, dear visitor to the As2ila Dictionary website , we are honored to inform you that we use third-party advertising companies to display advertisements and advertisements on our website, and when you enter our website, these companies have the right to use information about your visits to our website, knowing that this data does not include (name (or address, email address or telephone number), in order to adapt the display of advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you, based on the cookie.

The privacy of our visitors is extremely important to us. The privacy policy contained in this document outlines the types of personal information we collect and how it is used by us and our advertisers :

Log files :

The As2ila Dictionary website uses a log file system, and this includes Internet Protocol (addresses, browser type, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), date/time, and number of clicks to analyze trends), like most other website servers. It is not intended to collect all of these. The information eavesdrops on visitors’ personal matters, but is analytical matters for the purposes of improving the quality of advertisements by Google. In addition, all this information saved by us remains strictly confidential, and remains within the scope of development and improvement only.

As2ila Dictionary website cannot access or control these files, even after you allow them to be taken from your device by activating (cookies), and we also consider ourselves not responsible in any way for the illegal use of them if it happens, God forbid .

Cookies and network settings :

Google uses cookie technology to store information about visitors’ interests, in addition to a special user record in which specific information is recorded about the pages that have been accessed or visited. With this step, we know the extent of visitors’ interests and which topics are most preferred by them so that we, in turn, can develop our service content. and appropriate knowledge for them.

We add to this that some of the companies that advertise on our site may see the cookies and network settings for our site and for you, and among these companies, for example, is Google and its advertising program, Google AdSense, which is the first advertising company on our site.

Of course, such advertising companies, which are considered the third party in the privacy policy, follow such data and statistics via Internet protocols for the purposes of improving the quality of their advertisements and measuring their effectiveness. Also, these companies, in accordance with the agreements concluded with us, have the right to use technical means such as (cookies, network settings, and special programming codes) for the same purposes mentioned above, which are to develop the advertising content for these companies and measure the effectiveness of these ads, without any other goals that may harm the company. Or else visitors to our site.

Of course, you must review the privacy policy of the third party in this document (the advertising companies Google AdSense) or the advertising network servers for more information about their various practices and activities. To review the privacy policy of the first advertising program in the Google AdSense program complex, affiliated with Google, please click here.

We are obligated, within the terms of this agreement, to show you how to disable the cookies feature, as you can do so through your browser options, or by following the privacy policy for Google ads and the content network.

If you need any inquiries, please send us an email from the Contact Us page