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Moroccan Darija Personal Pronouns

moroccan darija personal pronouns

in Darija Grammar the personal pronouns is important like every other language , so our fist lesson in grammar will be about it , where you will know the number of this personal pronouns which is eight and how to use them in phrase and verbs to make correct sentence .

Moroccan Darija Personal Pronouns :

there is eight Personal Pronouns in darija you can see it presented in this table :

EnglishMoroccan Arabic in franco lettersDarija in Arabic letters
I/ meAnaأنا
You (feminine)Ntiنتي
You (masculine)Ntaنتا
You (plural)Ntoumaنتوما

How to use Moroccan Arabic Personal Pronouns with Verbs :

you can use pronouns in darija easy but most of time it’s omitted so the verbs refers to pronouns here is an example to understand , using the verb eat in past tense in phrase :

the phrase ( i ate my breakfast ) in moroccan arabic it’s ( klit ftor dyali ) , the verb ( klit ) refers to ( ana ) and it’s correct if you say ( ana klit ftor dyali ) but like i said its verb did that so no needs .

sometimes the pronouns used with the verb to show the emphasis , here is an example :

a person will go out from his home to Grocery store or to a coffee place he will say :

( ana ghadi nmchi l7anout ) meaning ( i will go to the grocery store ) .

So he told his wife that he will go and focus on him ( ana ) not taking his child with him .

if taking his child it will be :

( 7na ghadi nmchiw l7anout ) meaning ( we will go to the grocery store ) .

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